Change in Corresponse Address

COVID 19 has accelerated transforming the physical humanity to a digital humanity just over a week or two.

As we keep ourselves safe at home, the technology played a critical role for us to survive. The stress on the physical infrastructure has moved to the technology infrastructure, which behaves in similar fashion, getting overloaded when people come/start to work, major closures before lunch time and when it is time to go home.

But how are we interacting sitting at home ? It is because of the communication with the digital world happened through a new structure of address commonly known as IP address.

When an internet router/box is switched on and machine (laptop, desktop, tablets etc) gets connected to the internet. machine’s network interface gets an IP address, a combination of 4 set of numbers which is used for all communication as the source user. Where ever and what all a user access, all the activities are watched and registered, thus, creating a profile which defines the characteristics of the user — likes, dislikes, what makes the user happy or unhappy, weak points, food habits, hobbies, health data etc.

They Know It All

So while browsing your children school website over web browser, any advertisement show up which is in appropriate, it is because of your time spend on in websites. every thing gets recorded and fed to the ad engines. :P

Be cautious and very careful on internet !!! Be Safe !

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