Vintage Car Museum Udaipur

Learn the art of letting go. A lot of folks out there love to possess a vintage car in their garage, but either it rusts or it gulps money to continue to run or it attrack visitors in museums. As we progress in time, this will come true for old applications, server rooms, or data centers. Like we don’t maintain our independent substation for electricity but energy as when we need it. It is time to reconsider the scope of ownership of the expensive beefy IT assets. In the cost agnostic economy, it’s very tedious for individual companies to invest in setting up, maintain, scale to business demand, make it always available, and keep the cost low. Not to forget the investment to keep them safe from digital predators.

It is understandable to feel emotional in letting go of assets that one built and get into a pay as you go model w/ its governance taking away the full authority, but for progress, one must keep the cherishing memories and move to larger towns.

An example here on learning. unless one let go the old hat or old school of thinking the new will take ages to settle in and it becomes challenging when the old way of doing things get mapped to the new way of doing work to adopt the new cirriculum. Tt adds so much of toil that the student gets exhausted runningin the circles and ends up either not learning or goes back to the old school of thoughts. Like one I experienced in a conversation of doing Vision, purpose, goal-setting VS just doing OKRs (objective and key results.

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